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Gretchen Lahourcade
Alamo Heights
Real Estate Agent
As a CPA and former tax accountant with uncompromising integrity and analytical skills, Gretchen Lahourcade is a longtime Alamo Heights resident who transitioned to real estate in 2011. She earned her undergraduate degree from The University of Texas at Austin and is proficient in Spanish. Gretchen enjoys traveling the world and is actively involved in the community, including chairing several philanthropic events such as the August Heart Luncheon, the Charity Ball Luncheon and the Opening Gala of the San Antonio Children's Museum. She serves on both the UTHSCSA Development Board and St. Mary's Hall Alumni Board and chaired the UT Parents Association. She is also a past board member of the San Antonio Country Club. Gretchen partners with her daughter Erin to deliver unparalleled service to clients in San Antonio and throughout Texas. -Sep 29 2022 2:00AM
Designations: Certified Public Accountant

Gretchen Lahourcade

  • Certified Public Accountant, REALTOR®
6061 Broadway
San Antonio, Texas 78209 United States